Custom Branding

Branded digital Flexi eGift Cards

You can either supply the custom branding image files prepared to the specifications below, or our graphic designer can prepare a design to match your requirements.

Please note, however, that fees may apply in some cases. Please contact GiftPay to arrange custom branding of your eGift Cards.

Branding specifications

If you are supplying the custom branding image files, the following specifications and requirements apply:

Header Image

Dimensions: 640 x 100 pixels
File Format: JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png)

Card Image

Dimensions: 400 x 280 pixels
File Format: PNG (.png)
Additional requirements: Rounded corners, drop shadow on right and bottom edges, transparent background

Both images are displayed on a white background. For this reason, we suggest you either use a non-white background, or if using a white background we recommend a solid border to help define the shape and achieve a balanced layout.

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GifPay allows you to set your own custom gift card branding or choose from our built in themes.

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