About Us


  • The GiftPay concept was created in Sydney, Australia.
  • Design began in early 2012.
  • 2 patents pending.
  • 8 programmers and 2 designers have been working continuously.

The Concept

The concept was created by entrepreneur Bob Cheng. Bob founded an Internet rewards web site RewardsCentral, and over a period of 10 years RewardsCentral has paid out millions of dollars' worth of rewards. It was very expensive to distribute those rewards to members, including transaction fees, staff costs, postage and more. Bob was always looking for a solution with three key features:

  1. A way to deliver gifts instantly;
  2. Do away with expensive physical handling and delivery;
  3. Recipients must be able to use their rewards at a wide variety of locations.

After 2 years of development, GiftPay was born.

The Product

GiftPay allows organisations to give and receive gifts in a new and unique way.

  • Completely anonymous for recipients - no name, no registration required.
  • Convenient for recipients to collect and use their gifts.
  • Fully customisable branding.
  • Flexi eGift Cards allow the gift recipient to choose the gift card they want.
  • Charity donation included as a choice for recipients.
  • Compatible with desktop, tablet and smartphone, so recipients can access anywhere, anytime.

The Vision

GiftPay wants to remove the hassle of gift giving and incentive distribution. We see a future where gift giving and incentive distribution is a seamless, easy, and convenient experience.